July 20, 2024

Why Choose a Career in TTG?

If you’re passionate about the gaming industry, a career in TTG (Tabletop Games) is the perfect choice for you. TTG jobs offer a unique opportunity to combine your love for games with your professional aspirations. Whether you’re a game designer, game tester, or community manager, working in TTG allows you to be a part of creating memorable experiences for players around the world.

The Thrill of Game Design

As a game designer in the TTG industry, you’ll have the chance to bring your creative ideas to life. From brainstorming new game concepts to designing intricate gameplay mechanics, every aspect of game design is a thrilling adventure. You’ll work closely with a team of talented individuals, collaborating to craft immersive worlds and engaging narratives that captivate players.

Unleash Your Competitive Side as a Game Tester

If you have a keen eye for detail and love playing games, becoming a game tester could be your dream job. As a game tester in the TTG industry, you’ll have the opportunity to play games before they hit the market and ensure they meet quality standards. You’ll test gameplay mechanics, identify bugs, and provide valuable feedback to the development team, contributing to the overall success of the game.

Find Your Dream Job in the TTG Industry

Now that you’re excited about the world of TTG jobs, it’s time to find your perfect match. The TTG industry offers a wide range of career opportunities, catering to various skill sets and interests. Whether you’re interested in art and design, programming, marketing, or customer support, there’s a role for you in the TTG industry.

Art and Design

If you’re a talented artist or designer, the TTG industry is the perfect place to showcase your skills. From creating visually stunning illustrations to designing captivating game boards, your creativity will be at the forefront of every project. TTG companies are always on the lookout for skilled artists and designers who can bring their game worlds to life.

Programming and Development

For those with a passion for coding and problem-solving, a career in TTG development is a natural fit. As a programmer in the TTG industry, you’ll work on developing game mechanics, implementing features, and optimizing performance. Your technical expertise will play a crucial role in delivering seamless gaming experiences to players.

Marketing and Community Management

If you have excellent communication skills and a knack for building communities, a career in TTG marketing or community management may be ideal for you. As a marketing professional, you’ll be responsible for creating compelling campaigns that attract players and drive engagement. Community managers, on the other hand, are responsible for fostering a thriving community of players, organizing events, and addressing player feedback.

How to Kickstart Your TTG Career

Now that you’re familiar with the various TTG job opportunities, here’s how you can kickstart your career in the industry:

Education and Training

Obtaining a degree or certification in game design, computer science, or a related field can significantly boost your chances of landing a TTG job. There are several educational programs and online courses available that can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry.


Networking is crucial in any industry, and the TTG industry is no exception. Attend gaming conventions, join online communities, and connect with industry professionals to expand your network. Building strong relationships can open doors to job opportunities and valuable mentorship.

Build a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio showcasing your work is essential when applying for TTG jobs. Whether it’s game design prototypes, programming projects, or marketing campaigns, having a well-presented portfolio demonstrates your skills and dedication to potential employers.


The world of TTG jobs is filled with endless opportunities for those passionate about gaming. Whether you aspire to be a game designer, game tester, or community manager, there’s a role that aligns with your skills and interests. So, dive into the exciting world of TTG jobs, and embark on a thrilling career that combines your love for games with professional success.